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Character : 

The product, without approved appearance, no tasty, to be able to be resolved concentrated acid, ordimethylacetamine(DMA)solution with lithium chloride of 8% ,excluding water ,diluted acid, alcohol, or other organic solution, is extracted from the crude of shellfish such as lower plant germs, shrimp, crab, inset and the cellular cliff of higher plant in the nature. It takes out acetyl by using thick alkalis to be chitosan, which is a sort of a linear macromolecule amylose, in the words, a crude neutral viscous amylose. The product is not vivacious in chemical reaction, not to do reaction with juice, organise. Without poison, with the character of antithrombus, to be able to endure high temperature, chitosan with antiacid, diminishing inflammcation, reducing cholesterin and lioody fattiness is alkaline amylose.

Application : 

The product is often used to clean water, protect circumstance and in the dyestuff industry, paper-making industry, face-painting commodity, medicament assistant material, hospital seam, and so on. It is made out of the cushion solvent, lube, amnia solvent as medicament assistant material.


Items Industrial Grade Purificatory Grade Appearance White to Light Yellow Flake White Flake Loss on Drying ≤ 10.0 ≤ 8.0 Residue on Ignition 8.0—12.0 ≤ 2.0 Packing Net weight 10kgs packed in the standard knitted bags. And we can pack as per client " s requirement, too