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Propylene Glycol Alginate(PGA)

Product Name :Propylene Glycol Alginate(PGA) 
Alias Name :Hydroxypropyl Alginate 
Molecular weight:234.21 

Physicochemical Properties: PGA is derived from alginic acid which is extracted from natural seaweed.It is in the from of white of flaxen powder. insoluble in water into a viscous colloidal solution, insoluble in ethanol and other organic solvents. In acidic solution did not seem alginate gel, and not as carboxymethyl cellulose as viscosity caused by the decline in the effect of reducing its use,compared with alginate,it has better resistance against acid and salts.And PGA is a good seaweed based food additive which has excellent performance. 

Main applications: 

1. In food insustry,used as thickener,emulsifier and stabilizer. 

2. PGA has good acid-proof property,can be used in conditions with PH at 3-5. 

3、PGA has strong frothing and emulsifying ability.Widely used as a stabilizer for yoghurt,flavoring and beer foam.

Application ratio guide 

Usage Function Dosage ( % )
Dairy Thickening emulsifying,stabilizing 0.1-0.3
Lactic acid beverage Acid resistant,stabilizing milk protein 0.2-0.7
Juice Acid resistant,stabilizing,dispersing 0.2-0.7
Beer foam stabilizing 0.002-0.006
Instant foods Hydration,texturing agent 0.2-0.5
Spreads Emulsifying and stabilizing 0.1-0.3
Flavoring Salt resistance,acid proo,thickening 0.1-0.3
Coffee conditioner Emulsifying,thickening 0.1-0.3

Product standard 

Speclilation GB10616-2004
Esterification degree , % ≥80.0
In soluble ash , % ≤1.0
Loss on drying , % ≤20.0
Araenic , % ≤0.0002
Heavy metals(As Pb) , % ≤0.002
Lesd(Pb) , % ≤0.0005