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Potassium Alginate


Product Name : Potassium Alginate 
Chemical Formula : (C6 H7O6 K) n 
CAS NO : 9005-36-1 


1. Refined: white powder, odorless and tasteless, can be easily dissolved in water to form a colorless and transparent solution. 
2. Ordinary: brown powder, can be easily dissolved in water to form a brown solution, with a little algal taste. 

Use Function: 

1. Adjusting hypertension, cleansing blood, delaying cardiovascular aging, improving microcirculation and preventing various cardiovascular diseases. 
2. Supplementing wellness nutrient - potassium 
3. Help removal of health compromising elements from our body – excrete sodium 
4. Help reduce blood viscosity 


Viscosity : according to customer 
Lead : ≤ 0.0005% 
Arsenic : ≤ 0.0002% 
Moisture : ≤ 14.0% 
PH value : 6~9.5 
Calcium content : ≤ 0.3% 
Insoluble matter: ≤ 0.30% 
Sulfuric Acid Ash : 30-37% 
Heavy metals : ≤ 0.001% 

Packing standards: Packed by compound sack. 25 kg per bag.