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Seaweed Extract

   The essence extracted from marine seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum and Sargassum) through biochemistry method contains cytokinin, oligomeric alginate potassium, betaine, mannitol, polysaccharide, iodine, microelement and alginic polyphenol etc. It has remarkable functions in promoting cell division, anti-stress, anti-plant diseases and insect pests, increasing yield, regulating growth and improving soil condition and so on. Meanwhile, it can comply with requirement of producing green organic food because of its high efficiency and safety.


   [Ingredients Content]

    Alginic acid       ≥18%

    Organic matter 45%-55%

    Total nitrogen   1.0-5.0%

    Phosphorus      1.0-5.0%

    Microelements  ≥0.2%

    Potassium        8.0-18.0%  or   ≥18.0%

    Solubility in water   100%

    PH                   8.0-11.0

    Natural plant hormones ≥300ppm


   1. Obtain stronger root and seedling; make leaves become green and thick fast.

   2. Improve blossom and fruit set.

   3. Enhance the anti-stress and anti-diseases capacity and prevent plant diseases and insect pests effectively.

   4. Obtain bigger and well-shaped fruits; increase the content of sugar and vitamins.

   5. Improve fruit quality and increase yield.

[Recommended Application]

   Foliar spray: to dilute seaweed extract with 800-1500 times water, spraying on leaves without burning sunshine and raining at intervals of 10 days during the growing season.